Puppetry Classes Bring Out the Best in Kids (and Adults)!

Imagine creating a character of your own design, then bringing that charactor to life before friends and family.  The Puppet Co. offers several classes for kids, and for adults that want to make puppets with kids.   Both puppet making and performance are taught by the experts that create the exquisite productions on the Puppet Co. stage.  This semester, we feature classes for Adults:


Puppet Making for Kids Camp

August 18 - 22, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Make a hand puppet, a "Muppet" style mouth puppet, a simple marionette, and a simple rod puppet. Also, get a great backstage seat for a performance in the Playhouse! Bring a large shirt or smock in which to work. Supplies included..

Age Range: 10 - 12


For more information or to secure your date,

Call the Glen Echo Registrar


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After seven weeks and thousands of wolf-hugs, "Little Red Riding Hood & the 3 Little Pigs" comes to an end.   Critics love it, kids love it, adults love it,  DON'T MISS IT!  Tiny Tots @ 10 features "Mother Goose Caboose" on Wednesday, "Animal Crackers" on Saturday, "Old McDonald’s Farm" on Sunday.

Closing Sunday!  Say "Bye, Bye" to the Big Bad Wolf!