Snow White Meets the Magnificent 7 This Weekend.

These dwarves don't just stand around looking cute.  Each has a special ability, and when they team up to save Snow White from the  Rose Queen, they feel 10 feet tall.  A multi-media extravaganza!  See the rave reviews here.   Tiny Tots @ 10:00 has "Mother Goose Caboose" on Wednesday & Sunday.

2014 -2015 Season


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  • Snow White & the 7 Dwarves • June 25 - August 9

    When Snow White meets seven vertically challenged bachelors, she discovers that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and that friendship and teamwork make any challenge smaller.  Based on the Grimm fairytale, this production takes the Puppet Co.’s usual sideways view of the popular story, giving it timeliness and humor for adults as well as kids.

    Age Recommendation: PreK-Grade 4 • Running Time: 40 Minutes

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  • Dinosaur Desperados • August 13 - 30

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of prehistoric yesteryear, where the Old West meets the old, old, old West at the Dew Drop Inn, in Fossil Junction.  DinoRock Productions’ dinosaur wranglers Ingrid Crepeau, Michele Valeri and Steve Little unmask eight little-known denizens of the Mesozoic Era from all over the world.

    Age Recommendation: PreK-Grade 3 • Running Time: 50 Minutes

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  • Velveteen Rabbit • September 18 - October 18

    Applause Unlimited returns with Margery Williams’ gentle tale of how toys become real. Told with hand puppets, storytelling and song, solo puppeteer Christopher Hudert takes children through this classic story of friendship, changes, and magic.  The popular tale is of particular interest to youngsters learning to read, and to anyone who has ever had a favorite stuffed toy.

    Age Recommendation: PreK-Grade 4 • Running Time: 45 Minutes

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  • Aladdin (and his wonderful lamp) • Oct. 22 - Nov. 20

    Back by popular demand!  After all sold out houses and too many snow days, we had to bring back this incredible production.  From ancient Persia comes this lavish and entrancing tale, true to the original “one thousand and one Arabian nights,” full of genies, wizards, magic caves, exotic princesses, and an elephant!  Half life-size rod puppets and exciting special effects make this production exciting theater.

    Age Recommendation: K-Grade 8 • Running Time: 50 Minutes

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  • The Nutcracker • November 27 - December 30

    A Washington tradition for 27 years, "The Nutcracker" is the story of Clara-Marie’s favorite toy, and their adventures together in the Land of the Sugerplum Fairy.  Music from Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet blends with marionettes and costume characters to create this unique production.

    Age Recommendation: K-Grade 6 • Running Time: 45 Minutes

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